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Welcome to the
Institute for Clean Energy Technology (ICET)
Mississippi State University

Established in 1980, the Institute for Clean Energy Technology (ICET), formerly known as the Diagnostic Instrumentation and Analysis Laboratory (DIAL), was created at Mississippi State University and funded by the Department of Energy.

Since its inception, ICET has created a tradition of excellence in diagnostic research by improving effectiveness and competitiveness while minimizing environmental impact. With over 50 professional and support staff members, ICET is made up of four different areas of research or thrusts: Diagnostic and Sensing Technologies (DST), Engineering Scale Testing (EST), Environmental Impact of Energy Production and Use (IEP) and Nuclear and Defense Measurement Technologies (NDMT).

ICET has not only helped with environmental projects inside the state of Mississippi but also the Westinghouse Savannah River Project, the Western Energy Technology Office operated by MSE in Butte, Montana, the Environmental Systems Engineering facility at Clemson University, and the Vitreous State Laboratory at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

Mississippi State University