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Engineering Scale Testing (EST)

The Engineering Scale Testing (EST) thrust area is directed by Dr. Glenn Steele, Interim Director of the Institute of Clean Energy Technology (ICET) and Dr. Charles Waggoner, Deputy Director. Research in this area is primarily funded by various divisions and laboratories of the United States Department of Energy (DOE).

EST utilizes the development of measurement and control technologies to observe and manage process parameters at the microscopic level.  For most projects, EST designs and develops a test bed that employs tailored sensor systems to achieve a high level of process control.  This type of testing allows more accurate evaluation of single and multiple variables than macroscopic measurement systems.  Test-stand findings are then confirmed using process equipment located at ICET or by testing on full-scale equipment at the sponsor’s location.

ICET and Mississippi State University (MSU) faculty with the assistance of EST staff have current and past projects in these areas: testing gasification and pyrolysis equipment designed to produce alternative fuel; evaluating prototype methane hydrate storage equipment to characterize kinetics of hydrate formation and decomposition; optimizing operational parameters for technologies used to stabilize high-level radioactive waste in glass, high-phosphate ceramic, and cementious-grout matrices; and evaluating commercial glass-making processes using natural-gas or plasma torches for heat input to enhance product quality and increase operational lifetime of the process equipment.

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